Rebecca Seal releases ‘Solo: How To Work Alone (and Not Lose Your Mind)’

Rebecca Seal’s widely-praised latest book, Solo: How to Work Alone (and Not Lose Your Mind), is available now!

Whether by choice or circumstance, as a freelancer or a company employee working from home, more of us are becoming solo workers than ever before.

But once you’ve made the leap, how to do you actually work well in isolation? And how can you thrive while working alone? Picking up where the freelancer bibles stop, Solo addresses what we gain but also miss when we shift from the structure of an office environment to the solitary confines of our homes or studios.

Blending the latest research in psychology, economics and social science with guided self-examination and more than ten years of freelance experience, Rebecca Seal shows you how to stay resilient, productive and focused in a company of one.

Nick was delighted to be asked to speak to Rebecca about his experiences of working from home: “Having worked alone all my life, but particularly in film music, I was happy to talk about it. What ensued was a really interesting conversation about the plusses and minuses of working that way, and strategies that I used to cope with the pressure of working on my own. I learnt a lot and so did she and she has quoted me in quite a few places in her book. Look out for my ‘throwing paint at the wall and seeing how it looked’ strategy for get the creative process started!”

‘Kind, realistic and genuinely helpful’ Observer

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