By Nicholas Hooper

Late, one early morn
I awoke from safer dreams
and found a warm centre
in my heart.

Then, by rifts and seams
the cold air greeted me
and the dark was gentle
in my heart.

Light, so easily found
came next, that with a flick
familiar woods and hues
surrounded me in safety
like a mother’s arms around me
like a place I never left
in my heart.

And so these words will flow
like willows by a stream
breaking, catching, rooting
in my heart.

But whether I will come now
to that which made me grow now
in places that I know now
in my heart?

That question in the morning
that raises me from slumber.
That reason for this work now,
the reason for these words now,
the music that will follow,
the prayer that I make now,
will it show the way now
in my heart?



About Dawnings:
“Every morning at around 5am I get up and go down to my studio. After a short meditation I write down whatever is in my head, giving myself fifteen minutes to do so. Then moving over to the piano (or a more portable instrument like my Ukulele when I'm away), I improvise and record a piece of music inspired by whatever words I just wrote. It is a great way of keeping both my writing and my composing going and I call these small creations Dawnings. They are mostly unedited, like sketches, so that they keep that fresh feeling of an early morning discovery.”

— Nick Hooper