We are really pleased to announce the release on 15th December of the 2nd edition of our Henderson:Hooper album Pete’s Trees. This is now available on our shop page - please don't be put off by the number showing as 4 or lower, we are working on getting this corrected. There are 100 for sale.

We love playing at the informal folk gatherings at the White Horse pub in Stonesfield on the first Wednesday of the month. We have had great evenings every month this year. We will miss the first Wednesday in January (2019), so our next 'folk gathering' will be on Wednesday 6th February 2019.

Nick’s solo guitar CD 6 Strings, which he originally released a couple of years ago, was released on 8th June by Angel Air Records.

We have had heartwarming feedback about our new album release ‘Pete’s Trees’, including fiddler and composer Pete Cooper’s comment: "It’s a gorgeous piece of work."  Other audience feedback has included "It's brilliant and I've been enjoying listening to it immensely," and "Just listened to your new CD. I think it’s wonderful".

Nick’s new novel, The Occasional Gardener, whose central character is a policeman facing the realities of memory loss, was launched on 6th October and we are delighted that the Bookshop Band performed a specially-commissioned song inspired by the book.