Giltrap / Hooper

Gordon Giltrap, MBE, is one of the most well-known guitarists within folk circles.

Nick Hooper: I met Gordon by a happy accident. I was trying to find out the address of guitar-maker Rob Armstrong, and the only thing that I could find online was Gordon’s site which was promoting Rob’s guitars. When I contacted Gordon he said: "It’s on the label." I never was any good at reading labels, but it brought us together, and we became firm friends. Gordon helped me order my new Fylde guitar from Roger Bucknall, by generously lending Roger his own Fylde to copy.


Later we started playing together for the joy of it, and soon found that we worked really well as a duo. So well, in fact, that we decided to put on a concert in November 2017. It was a sell-out and the audience reaction was brilliant.

Gordon and Nick presented a menu of musical expertise, some solos, some duos… served up with lashings of mellow camaraderie and generosity…long may gifted men such as Gordon and Nick draw folk together.

The Oxford Times

Since their inaugural performance in 2017, Gordon and Nick have enjoyed numerous concerts together, and look forward to entertaining many more audiences in the future.

In 2019, the pair featured as soloists on Fylde Guitars' star-studded charity release, Strings that Nimble Leap. The album features no fewer than 52 musicians across 43 tracks, all performing on Fylde guitars, or in some cases, mandolin, bouzouki, acoustic bass or ukulele.


Watch Giltrap / Hooper in concert (July 2018) below.

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