By Nicholas Hooper

there is harm around,
seeking, tweaking, nudging
its way in between ribs and heart

a breastplate is needed
forged of tough leather and gold
guarding against that word that can harm

arms swing, freely dance
find that earth that can spread inner wings
and fly, free from fear of another’s doubts or envy

that breastplate is light
it is love of self in a tough reality
and it can carry you far in the battlefield

accept it with gratitude
and move with ease amongst others
finding your feet on a stable floor and look up

there is the light that protects you
there are the moon and stars that move you
and there is the beautiful world that you want without fear



About Dawnings:
“Every morning at around 5am I get up and go down to my studio. After a short meditation I write down whatever is in my head, giving myself fifteen minutes to do so. Then moving over to the piano (or a more portable instrument like my Ukulele when I'm away), I improvise and record a piece of music inspired by whatever words I just wrote. It is a great way of keeping both my writing and my composing going and I call these small creations Dawnings. They are mostly unedited, like sketches, so that they keep that fresh feeling of an early morning discovery.”

— Nick Hooper