Above the Void

Above the Void book cover

A young woman develops a terrible fear of heights after an accident causes damage to her brain. We explore her inner world, and her route to recovery, through dream, memory, and relationship. In the end, she has to learn to fly to find the man who loves her enough to save her.

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Reviews from friends and other authors:

‘My go-to genre is Fantasy so this was a bit different to my norm but I couldn't put it down needing to know where it was all leading me, knowing there was a link somehow but the revelation took me completely by surprise! Oh yeah, and I have a bit of a thing for ravens so you definitely hooked me there.’

‘Am utterly gripped  by your book.’

‘Just to say, I've been reading your book and it's such a beautiful story.  It's written very much straight from the heart and is very affecting.  It's clearly told from a place of a lot of thought and experience. The very direct way you show how immense a person's suffering is, when it's a significant physical struggle to be able to say and do what they want to say and do, is shockingly illuminating.’

‘You have a wonderful way with words. I also marvel at the way you manage to 'be inside' a situation that you have never actually experienced. I'm thinking particularly of the hospital section…’

‘Loved your book. Couldn’t put it down, read through the night.’


Above the Void is also available to buy on Amazon in Kindle.

Here is a sample from Above the Void. Melissa has been run down by a car and is in hospital.